The Faun Quartet

Day of the Witch is available
16 December 2021!

Day of the Witch

The grasp of fate.

The weight of evil.

The price of home.

With war coming to a close, Dawn’s March turns westward – but its leader and namesake does not go with it. For though the war is over, her battle has only just begun. High Queen Dawn now bears the full burden of her grand foray, a burden that cannot so easily be put down. The price of victory is heavy indeed.

Heroes are laid low as villains rise. Long shadows creep ever nearer, suffusing out from the blighted realm known to outsiders as the Witchlands – a wretched expanse of mud and decay, the horrid result of countless centuries of the Shade’s taint. For though the enemy has been dealt a ringing blow, they remain unbowed. Their power swells anew as great and terrible forces convene in the darkness and the Witches gather. Hope hangs by a thread.

Yet that thread is strong. Comrades unite, lending the strength of their arms and the steel of their wills to embark on one final endeavor. For as malign powers prepare for one final struggle, the actions of a few must alter the fates of many.

It will take all they can offer – and more.

Day of the Void is now available!

Day of the Void

Book Three of The Faun Quartet

War on the horizon.
Foes in the shadows.
Blood upon the soil.

The crown of the High Queen weighs heavily upon Dawn. All may be well in Céin Urthia, but now war beckons from over the mountains. An awful ritual, prepared by Gol-Gorom and his Disciples of the Void, nears completion – threatening to cleanse all creation in one climactic moment. But the Disciples of the Void are not the only enemy looming – for always the Witches grow, far in the east, their corruption creeping over the earth.

Meanwhile, tenuous bargains are struck between unlikely allies within the Empire of Un as enemies abound and scores are settled in blood. As cataclysm looms, and machinations from friend and foe alike threaten to tear her apart, Dawn must decide whether to take up the sword of her own volition – or have it thrust rudely upon her.

Will the strength of her allies – both new and old – be enough to carry High Queen Dawn to victory? Or will encroaching horror snuff out her light, and consume the waking world?

Day of the Hunt is now available!

Day of the Hunt

Book Two of The Faun Quartet

Dangerous Dreams.
Relentless Enemies.
Untapped Power.

The satyr rebellion is over, leaving the throne of Céin Urthia empty in its wake. Princess Dawn, heiress apparent, prepares herself for the role of High Queen and the kingdom is once again at peace.

Yet with the throne of Céin Urthia comes all the power and the magick of the Untouched Wood – and with such power, a beacon is lit in the dreamscape, summoning strange and terrible forces now suddenly aware of this light in the darkness. For far in the east a war rages between two sworn enemies, each collecting potent souls for their titanic struggle, and each have sent out servants to capture Dawn. A relentless group of huntresses, each a skilled Disciple of the Void, is on her trail. And all the while the malignant Witches lurk, waiting for their chance to strike…

But Dawn is not without her allies. Prince Herace the Redeemed and Ortham rally to her side, aided by a mad seer and a mysterious sorceress, to unravel the secret of her newfound power.

As dark forces gather to hunt Princess Dawn, will she and her allies be swept up by evil untold, or will valor win the day?

Day of the Horn is available now!

Day of the Horn

Book One of The Faun Quartet

A kidnapped princess.
A reluctant mercenary.
A shamed prince.

Disaster strikes the secluded sylfolk kingdom of Céin Urthia; Princess Dawn, heiress to the throne, has been abducted. Not even her kidnapper, a mercenary battle-mage, knows who ordered it – or why. The race is on as the High King sends every servant at his disposal to rescue her, including even the disgraced and imprisoned Herace the Shamed. But is Princess Dawn really the one who needs saving?
Meanwhile, powers beyond the sight of the court plot under cover of darkness – for not all wish to see the princess safely home…